• Question: Hi Mr. Daddy,

    I really can't do the whole "Daddy" thing, which my Sir takes advantage of to embarrass me... but you should note that I tried! Please, note that. Also, like a good pet, I asked before sending this off to you. Which I don't like to do. But I have some questions for you!

    As I'm positive you know, I am quite fond of your little one, and I get to hear all about you from her. Problem is, I never get to hear anything from your side of the fence... So here we go!

    1. I know that you and your little one had a "one night stand" for your first meeting. Could you tell me about that from your perspective?
    2. How long have you been a Daddy or a Sir or a Master or a Dom? Does the difference between these matter to you?
    3. What are your, say, top 3 kinky things and, just to make it more fun and difficult, why are they your top 3?
    4. How exactly are you going to make your little one blush bright red today? Because I'm really looking forward to hearing about that from her end.

    Thanks bunches!

    ~Peps - alittlespicy
  • Answer:

    Hi Pepper.

    It’s amusing being called “Mr. Daddy.”  I kind of like it.  No one ever calls me “Mr.” and very few people have called me “Daddy” besides my little girl, at any time in the past.  It’s very cute.  In that moment at least, you were more little girly than I think you give yourself credit for.  So you did just fine ;)

    Now, these answers aren’t easy, but I’ll do what I can.

    1.  From the first moment I saw my little one, I think my first thought was “Ooo, she’s cute.”  I vaguely wondered if I could make something happen, but obviously didn’t know her enough to have a plan or anything of the sort.  As we talked more, I thought she had some involvement with the guy who introduced us.  Between that and the fact she was going away the next day, I didn’t expect anything to happen.  I was enjoying her company all the same - flirting with pretty girls is always fun, though I often have a hard time telling if one is interested or what.  I’m not exactly a “ladies’ man” in general.  I’m glad that I took the chance to ask her for a goodnight kiss.

    I’ve never had a one night stand (that one was supposed to be, but didn’t turn out to be, so I think I can still say never *chuckles*) so I completely didn’t plan on this - I just had to have her, and I knew if I didn’t ask that night, I’d never have another chance, and I’d regret not saying anything.  It helped that it seemed fairly clear at that point that she was interested *grin*.  Mmm, such a good night.

    2. I’ve known I was a Dom for about 12 years now.  I had fantasies for a long time, but it took til then to get into this and realize what it was about - plus I have been into feminism and things like that, and yet can be chivalrous (some people would find that to be a huge contradiction, but whatever), so I had to struggle with things like “don’t hit girls.”  I still sometimes have a hard time pushing where I don’t think my girl wants to go, depending on how much I want it and my own mood and such.  This has some connections with humiliation play for me, but I’ll wait until question 3 to talk about that. 

    The difference between these terms is sometimes hard to define - I’m not sure what would make a Sir different, so I can’t say how long I’ve “been” one of them.  I don’t really consider myself a Master - I am *my* girl’s Master, but that’s different.  I feel like a Master has his general life in much better order than I do - I’m doing okay, but I could do better, and am working on it.  I’m not the kind of “natural Master” type that some are - I don’t tend to take command of every situation or anything like that.  This may be unrealistic, but that’s what comes to mind to me, from the term.  I’m not a “alpha male”, to put another expression to it. 

    I was always a Daddy Dom type, I wanted to take care of girls and make their lives better and such, but I didn’t realize I could be a Daddy until a bit over a year ago, when it clicked with my girl.

    The difference between these does matter, I find my girl and I switch between roles often, and our play has different moods to it depending what roles we’re in - it keeps things interesting, and helps me know where to go to make things good for us both, if that makes any sense.

    This post is already pretty huge and the rest will definitely take a while to write, so I’ll end it here and leave questions 3 and 4 to be another post.  I hope you enjoy what I’ve written so far.


  1. alittlespicy said: I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! And I’ll use Mr. Daddy from now on, I think. Once I ask Sir. He says it’s fine, and that He finds it “very funny”. Thank you for the quick response. I’m really looking forward to reading your answers to 3 and 4!
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